How much do you charge?

Depending on the type of work, our rates vary from hourly to a fixed project fee. All fixed costs come with a couple rounds of revisions- and we want you to love what we create for you. And we have confidence you will.

How do I know if you are right for my project?

We believe the better we get to know you and what you are trying to communicate; the better the outcome.
We like to really get to know our clients, their business and what they are trying to achieve. We encourage you to look at our work and ask us tons of questions. This helps us understand your needs and develop solutions that work.

I’m not really sure what I need, can you help me figure that part out?

Absolutely- We’d love to meet you!
If you like us.. we are happy to consult with you on your business and offer some design and marketing solutions.  Typically we charge an hourly rate for this, but if you decide to use us to follow though with some of our ideas- we will work it into the project rate. Regardless of the stage or business type, we can brainstorm solutions that will work for you. Send us a hello and we can start talking.

Will you print materials as well as design them?

Yes! We will make something super awesome and take care of the printing.  We like to make the process as simple as possible. And will on board until you have what you love in hand.  Isn’t that awesome?

Will you help us setup hosting and domains for our business web site? Will you maintain our web site?

We will guide you with setting up domain, hosting accounts and setting up your website. We love WordPress and our clients love the user interface. We’ll guide you through your site once complete, you will have the ability to make changes and updates as you like. Once a project comes to completion we don’t handle minor updates, make minor copy changes, renew domains or hosting.

What can I do to help the process?  

To expedite the creative process and make sure we create something that you love – we spend lots of time trying to understand you and what you are trying to communicate. You can help us by starting to collect links, colors, photos, print materials, patterns- really anything that strikes your fancy. We love Pinterest so start a board, start pinning and we can take it from there!